Our Employee Policies

Computer, Cell Phone, Internet, Email and Communication

using-computer-mouseThe following are STRICTLY PROHIBITED while on assignment through JCB Services
Utilizing client computers unless specifically directed to do so by the client for job related activities.

Utilizing client company email for personal use.  Only job related emails are allowed, and only if permission to use client email has been granted.

Logging on to the Internet on the client company computers is prohibited unless directed by the client company for work related searches, etc.

Email and / or communication containing obscene, profane, abusive or threatening language or graphic representations or statements or graphics that may be interpreted as discriminatory or offensive because of reference to race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability are PROHIBITED.

Reference to or discussion of sex or sexual acts

Mediation-in-Workplace-Bullying-photo-300x248Harassing, insulting or attacking others.
Damaging computers, computer systems, software, or computer networks.
Using anyone else’s identity, user ID or password or otherwise gaining unauthorized access to computing network resources.
Using client company computers or networks for commercial purposes.
Solicitation for commercial, political, or religious causes.
Violation of this policy will subject the employee to dismissal without prior warning.




Substance Abuse Policy

JCB Services Company Policy strictly prohibits the following:
Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs, intoxicants, or any controlled substance not prescribed by a physician.
The use, possession, or trafficking of such illegal drugs, intoxicants, or any controlled substance in any manner during work hours (including breaks, lunch and dinner periods) while on the job.
In any way using client company property to make or traffic illegal drugs, intoxicants, or any controlled substances.
Any other use, possession, or trafficking of illegal drugs, intoxicants, or any controlled substances in a manner which is detrimental to the interest of the client company.
Any on the job injuries will require a post accident drug screen.


Employee policies and procedures outlined in the Employee Orientation are developed and maintained at the pleasure of PSS and may be changed at any time.  Any statement made within shall not constitute a contract of employment between PSS and the employee.  Employment may be terminated by, either employer or employee, at any time for any reason by notifying PSS.  No manager, supervisor or representative of PSS may make any contract, promise or commitment contrary to these guidelines.

Violation of this policy may be cause for dismissal without prior warning.

Equal Opportunity Employer

JCB Services is an equal opportunity employer and considers qualified applicants for all positions without regard do race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected by the federal, state or local law.