Candidates F.A.Q

Anytime you interview you should put your best foot forward. Even if you are a little overdressed for the position the client will appreciate the time you took to present a professional appearance.
Bi-Weekly Payroll. Our pay period is from Monday to Sunday. Time sheets must be turned in Monday by 12 noon in order to receive your check or direct deposit on Friday.
Most positions are Temp-to-Hire positions. Holiday pay is available after 2080 hours of employment is completed. 35 hours of Vacation pay is available after 2080 consecutive hours of employment. Most employees are comfortably employed by the client long before they earn Temporary Benefits. Vacation time cannot be held over.
If you are going to be out of or late for work you need to call your supervisor at JCB before you call the client. The supervisor will contact the client. There are occasions when the client requests that you call them personally.
Cell phones are not allowed on temporary assignments. Cell phones are a distraction in the workplace. To ensure work effectiveness, employees are directed to use their cell phones on their personal break time. This includes texting.